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Once you complete the  FCP Setup Wizard you are logged into the administration console automatically. The first time that you login you still have a few tasks to complete in order to get started. These are shown by the orange 'To Do' labels on the main menu.

You will also see some information to help you get started. You can close this popup window and then re-open it later by clicking on the 'Getting Started' button in the top bar.  

Adding some Staff Members

By adding staff members to Safe Food Pro it gives them access to complete your daily Food Plan activities using the Safe Food Pro mobile application and digitally sign any information that they enter. If you have more staff listed on a different file format, click here to learn how to bulk upload. If you only have a few staff then you can add them one by one in a matter of minutes, 

  1. Click on 'Staff' in the main menu on the left of the screen 
  2. Click on the Green Plus Button
  3. Click on the 'Add New Staff Member' button 
  4. Enter staff details

Here is some more information on Adding and Editing Staff Members

Adding additional Administrator and Manager Logins

Administrator logins are used to access the Safe Food Pro web console and can also be used to access the mobile application used in your business on a day to day basis to capture information. 

  1. Navigate to 'My Business' on the main menu and then choose the 'Users' tab. 
  2. Click the circular green plus button to add the new user.
  3. Fill in their name, email address, an initial password and choose their role and then click 'Save'. 
  4. A User can choose to have alerts sent by email.  To allow this put ticks in the required boxes before you save the User.

You probably don't want to share your administration login with your manager/staff so we suggest you create a 'Tablet' account that is used to login to the mobile application. 'Tablet' accounts can not be used to login to the administration console, but are handy to use for staff to complete forms on the tablet. 

Getting the Mobile Application onto your Tablet(s)

The Safe Food Pro mobile application can be used on both Android (4.4. or later) and iOS (9 or later) devices (Tablets or Smartphones). It is available for download from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store (search for Safe Food Pro).

Once you have it loaded onto a device you can login using any of the 'Administrator', 'Manager' or 'Tablet' accounts that you created in the administrator console (following the steps above). However, if you want to share the login details with your staff then we suggest you create a separate 'Tablet' login.

Add Digital Signatures in the Mobile Application

Once you have logged into the Safe Food Pro mobile application you are prompted to add your PIN and signature if they have not been added previously. 

To setup each of your staff:

  1. Navigate to 'People' on the main menu 
  2. Select their name from the list. 
  3. For security reasons to access their record you will be prompted to enter your own 'PIN'. 
  4. The staff member can then set their own PIN and add their signature. 
  5. Finally press the 'Save' button.

Adding Suppliers and Equipment

Before you can complete forms using the mobile application you need to setup your food (and service) suppliers and enter details of the equipment (particularly fridges and freezers) that you need to monitor and maintain.

You do this back in the web administration console by clicking on the 'Equipment' and'Suppliers' menu items on the left of the screen and then using the circular green plus button to add new records.

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