Corrective Actions

A Corrective Action is an action for a particular staff member or everyone in your business

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You can add a Corrective Action via our Mobile App, or from the Admin Console. There are many places to do this and this article will show you how!

  • By adding a Blue Note, you are recording that something was not right, but that Blue Note may not be acted upon by anyone else.
  • Corrective Actions define an action that needs to be completed either on a form or a form question. These can be given priorities, status and can be assigned to others for them to act on
  • Corrective Actions are private - this means that only the person who has been assigned the action or an Admin/Manager can see the full Corrective Action

How Corrective Actions can be used: 

Example 1: 

Your Verifier can give you Corrective Actions or CARs after they have Audited your business. You can add these in the Admin Console as Corrective Actions and assign them to the relevant staff member to action. That way your team can: 

  • Be notified of the change they need to make 
  • Improve the process they were doing before 
  • Mark the action as DONE once they have completed the task 

You can then get notified once they have completed the task and send the Verifier the information they need to prove the change was made. 

Example 2: 

You were completing your Temperature Checks on the Mobile App. One of your Fridge Temperatures came a lot colder than usual. You added a Blue Note explaining that it was looking cold and you've turned the temperature up slightly, then set yourself a Corrective Action to check the Fridge Temperature again after an hour. Once you've checked the Fridge Temperature you can update the form with the new temperature and mark the Corrective Action as DONE. 

Example 3: 

You see a Customer Complaint form has been completed today by a staff member. The Customer Complaint was due to food being under cooked. 

Create a Corrective Action attached to the Customer Complaint form to get the staff member to complete training to ensure serving under cooked food won't be served again. 

  1. Create a Corrective Action 
  2. Explain training needs to be completed
  3. Assign it to the staff member 
  4. Attach the relevant training form you need them to complete 

The staff member will then get notified to complete the training form and can mark the Corrective Action as done once it has been completed.

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