Corrective Actions on the Mobile App

A Corrective Action is an action that can be assigned to a particular team member or everyone in your business

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How a Corrective Action can be used 

Example 1: 

Your Verifier can give you Corrective Actions or CARs after they have Audited your business. You can add these in the Admin Console as Corrective Actions and assign them to the relevant staff member to action. That way your team can: 

  • Be notified of the change they need to make 
  • Improve the process they were doing before 
  • Mark the action as DONE once they have completed the task 

You can then get notified once they have completed the task and send the Verifier the information they need to prove the change was made. 

Example 2: 

You were completing your Temperature Checks on the Mobile App. One of your Fridge Temperatures came a lot colder than usual. You added a Blue Note explaining that it was looking cold and you've turned the temperature up slightly, then set yourself a Corrective Action to check the Fridge Temperature again after an hour. Once you've checked the Fridge Temperature you can update the form with the new temperature and mark the Corrective Action as DONE. 

Example 3: 

You see a Customer Complaint form has been completed today by a staff member. The Customer Complaint was due to food being under cooked. 

Create a Corrective Action attached to the Customer Complaint form to get the staff member to complete training to ensure serving under cooked food won't be served again. 

  1. Create a Corrective Action 
  2. Explain training needs to be completed
  3. Assign it to the staff member 
  4. Attach the relevant training form you need them to complete 

The staff member will then get notified to complete the training form and can mark the Corrective Action as done once it has been completed.

Adding Corrective Actions

There are two ways you can add a Corrective Action from the Mobile App. They can be: 

  • Attached to a Blue Note or Reason in a Form 
  • From the Actions page

When completing a form you can add a Blue Note to show an observation or that something is out of the ordinary. From there you can also attach a Corrective Action if you need a task to be completed based on the observation.

Attached to a Question in a Form 

  1. Open the Form you're completing
  2. Answer the Question 
  3. Click the three dots and select Add a Corrective Action 
  4. Add Corrective Action text 
  5. Select fields you would like 
  6. Click green tick 

Adding from Actions Page

  1. Go to Menu (three lines in top left corner) 
  2. Click Actions
  3. Click green plus button
  4. Add Corrective Action text
  5. Select fields you would like
  6. Click green tick 

Completing or Updating Corrective Actions

You can view your Corrective Actions on the Corrective Actions page in the Menu. 

To do this: 

  1. Click the Menu icon (three lines) 
  2. Go to Actions 
  3. Search or filter to find your actions 
  4. Select an action assigned to you - this will prompt you to select your name and enter your pin to prove you have permission to view
  5. Update the status to either To Do, Started, Blocked, Done or Cancelled
  6. Update the priority if relevant 
  7. Add notes to provide context to your changes 
  8. Click the green tick 
Note: Admin, Managers, Tablet Managers and the person assigned to the Corrective Action has access to view it. Tablet Users or a standard Staff Member who is not assigned to the Corrective Action won't have permission to view the changes 

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