Recording Equipment Maintenance

You need to record your regular equipment maintenance

To be able to do this you need to add the equipment you regularly maintain in the equipment list. Click here to find out how.

On the dashboard you can see items that need maintenance soon and also view the last maintenance reports.  If an item is shown in red this item is overdue for maintenance.

(Viewing Icon is the icon that looks like an eye below) 

To Complete Maintenance Form: 

  1. Log in to Mobile/ Tablet Application.
  2. Click the Green Plus Button to open Ad Hoc Forms.
  3. Use the Ad Hoc form "Regular equipment maintenance register" under Maintenance.
  4. Click "What equipment has been serviced/checked/maintained?" to select the related equipment.
  5. Once the form has been completed a new "due date" will be displayed on the maintenance frequency chosen in the equipment set-up.

Note: If you want to complete a maintenance form from a past date you will need to change the date at the top of the app and then fill in the Ad Hoc form from the preferred date. Click here for more info.

Viewing Completed Maintenance Forms: 

There are 3 ways to view completed maintenance forms:

  1. Log into the app, go to 'Maintenance' and click the viewing icon next to the form you want to open.
  2. Log into Administration Console, click 'Equipment', edit equipment by selecting the pencil icon, scroll down and select 'Show Last Maintenance Report'.
  3. Log into Administration Console, click 'Reports', then click 'Completed forms' at the top of the page, click the viewing icon next to your maintenance form.  

MPI requirements: Purple (Closing) - Maintaining equipment and facilities

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