Adding Goods and Service Suppliers

Add your Food and Service Suppliers so you can track the source of your deliveries and have supplier contact details in the palm of your hand

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Supplier info from Simply Safe and Suitable

Under Simply Safe and Suitable, your Verifier will check the records of:

  • your approved supplier list and supplier assurances (certificates)
  • the name and contact details of your supplier
  • the type and quantity of food received
  • the temperature of the food received and if it needs to be kept at a certain temperature to make sure it is safe and suitable 

Safe Food Pro provides you with an ad-hoc Receiving a delivery form that you can fill in from the mobile application whenever you receive a food delivery. You can also add a photograph of the delivery docket which will help if you ever need to recall food. 

This form gets you to select the Supplier that the delivery came from. Let's get those suppliers added!

Adding & Deleting Suppliers from the Admin Console

Adding a Supplier

  1. Login to the Admin Console 
  2. Go to Suppliers 
  3. Click the green plus button
  4. Select a single supplier (click here for more information on Bulk Upload
  5. Select a supplier type: Goods - suppliers who provide goods to your business or Services - people/companies that provide maintenance work etc. 
  6. Capture as many details as possible. Only fields with an * are required 
  7. You need to list the type of items that the company provides e.g. fresh fruit and vegetables 
  8. If they are a Goods supplier you can enter the supplier's certificate, showing if they are a certified supplier. You can monitor the supplier's certificates from your Dashboard on the Admin Console showing when their certificate expires so you can keep the records up to date. 

To delete a Supplier

  1. Go to the Supplier page 
  2. Click the bin icon next to the supplier to delete

Note: If you enter a phone number or email address for a Supplier then when you navigate to suppliers on the tablet you will be able to use these details to make a call or send an email to the supplier.

Attaching Resources to Suppliers

If you have any documents that are relevant to your suppliers such as invoices or certificates, you can upload these as a resource. 

To do this: 

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the supplier 
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to Resources 
  3. Click the green plus button to add a resource
  4. Click the file or the link icon depending on the resource 
  5. Add the resource by attaching the file from your computer from there 

For more information on adding resources check out this article here.

Add Suppliers from the Mobile

  1. Login to the App on your Mobile or Tablet 
  2. Click the menu icon (three lines in the top left corner) 
  3. Click Suppliers 
  4. Click the green plus button to add a new supplier 
  5. Add the details as required 

Using Bulk Upload

If you have many suppliers and already have a list of them in Microsoft Excel or another file format you may save some time by using the bulk upload feature. Check out how to bulk upload here. 

Exporting Supplier List

You can export your Supplier list to send to your Verifier or whoever may need it. When exporting it downloads it to a CSV file. 

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