Attaching a Resource to Staff, Users, Suppliers and Equipment

Attach certificates to a Staff profile, an approved certificate to a Supplier, or a manual to a piece of Equipment

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Adding Resources to a User/Supplier/Equipment

The process of adding resources is the same for Staff, Users, Suppliers, and Equipment. To do this: 

  1. Log into your Administration Console 
  2. Click on the Staff & User, Supplier or Equipment Page 
  3. Click the pencil Icon on the item you want to add a resource to
  4. For Suppliers & Equipment scroll down to the Resource section and click the Green Plus Button

  5. For Staff/Users click the Resources Tab

  6. Click either File or Link depending on your resource type 
  7. Click the Upload Button to upload the resource
  8. Give the file a name and choose a best fit category
  9. Click SAVE

You can view attached Supplier and Equipment resources from the mobile application (if you have an Internet connection). This is very useful if you have a training document, Standard Operating Procedure or maintenance manual attached to a piece of equipment.

Viewing Resources Belonging to Staff/User/Equipment/Suppliers

Once your resource is attached you can find it on the Resources page in the Administration Console. Resources attached to Users/Suppliers/Equipment are shown with the relevant icon and will show what they are attached. For more information on uploading, resources click here.

Note: The current limit on file size is 3 MB (3,000 KB). If your file does not upload please check that it is not too large.

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