Adding a Resource

Store documents, links, photos, or training files these documents are called Resources.

There are two ways to add resources in Safe Food Pro, either straight to the Resource page or by attaching them directly to a User, Supplier, or piece of equipment. 

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To create a new resource choose  Resources from the main menu in the Safe Food Pro administration console and then click on the circular green button to add a new resource.

To Upload a Resource as a File

  1. Choose the Add a file icon
  2. Click on the Upload button and navigate to the file you wish to upload.
  3. Give the file a name and choose the best fit category.
  4. The Resource will be saved automatically. Files can be uploaded with the following types: PDF, JPG, SVG

To Upload a Resource as a Link

  1. Choose the Add a link icon
  2. Fill in the URL (you may want to cut and paste the link from a tab in your browser).
  3. Give the URL a name and choose the best fit category.
  4. The URL will save automatically

Attach Resources to a Supplier, Equipment or User

Do you want to attach a manual to a piece of Equipment? Suppliers certificate to a Supplier? or Certifications and records to a User? You can do this by attaching a resource to a specific field! To do this, follow these steps below: 

  1. Log in to Administration Console 
  2. Click on the Staff & User, Supplier or Equipment Page
  3. Click the Pencil Icon on the item you want to add a resource to 
  4. Scroll to the Resource section, click the Green Plus Button
  5. Remember how we added resources above? Repeat those same steps here!
  6. Your Resource will then be added to the Resource page Note: The current limit on file size is 5 MB (5,000 KB). If your file does not upload please check that it is not too large.

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