Adding or Changing Users

Staff change and you may need to add or delete Administrator and Manager Logins. Before a verification you may want to add your verifier.

A User gives you a login to Safe Food Pro. This provides you with an email address and password that you can use to login. Users can have different roles such as Admin, Manager, Verifier or Tablet which gives them different access levels. 

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Adding Users

When a user is set up they are automatically added with staff member access as well. This means they will be able to set up a 4 digit pin code to sign off their Food Safety forms if needed. 

When adding a new User we really recommend using generic emails where possible e.g. That way if there is staff turnover then you can easily change the name by editing the user, whereas you can't edit a User's email address. 

You probably don't want to share your administration login with your manager/staff so we suggest you create a 'Tablet' account that is used to login to the mobile application. 'Tablet' accounts can not be used to login to the Administration Console, but are handy to use for staff to complete forms on the tablet. 

To set up a user: 

  1. Login to the Admin Console 
  2. Click Staff & Users 
  3. Click the green plus icon to add a new user
  4. Select the User 
  5. Enter the Email Address & Password 
  6. Select the Role (Learn more about user roles here!
  7. Add their Name 
  8. Add any additional information
  9. SAVE

Note: If necessary you can create other Administrator, Manager, Tablet and Verifier accounts from this page. E.g. you may choose to use two tablets in your business, one in the kitchen and one font of house and to create a separate 'Tablet' user to login into Safe Food Pro on each tablet. Click here for more information about User Roles.

Adding a Verifier User

Is your Verification coming up? You can set up your verifier in advance with a Verifier login. This gives them restricted access to your account so they can go through your food safety records before they even get on site. This can also be helpful if you get Corrective Actions, so your verifier can just log back in to your account and view that you've made the right changes. 

  1. Let your verifier know you will give them access to your Safe Food Pro account 
  2. Ask them for their email address 
  3. Add them as a User (as shown above) 
  4. Select their role to be Verifier 
  5. SAVE 

The verifier will then be sent two emails, one inviting them to Safe Food Pro and one prompting them to reset their password. I always find it's nice to flick the verifier some information on Safe Food Pro if they aren't familiar with it.

We also have a Verification Packthat can help you get ready for your Verification day. 

Editing & Deleting Users

To do this: 

  1. Go to Staff & Users 
  2. Click the bin icon to delete OR 
  3. The pencil icon to edit the User

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