Staff Training Reports

Stay on top of your Staff Training with the Staff Training Reports 

There are a few different ways to generate your Staff Training Reports, depending on what you are after. 

The Staff Training Reports are based on the completion of the following default training forms: 

  • The Induction training form covers the essential food safety skills everyone needs to know about e.g Hand hygiene, cleaning and sanitising, health and sickness etc
  • The Specific training of business procedure/method should be used when training staff about specific food safety procedures required for them to do their job. e.g if they are the chef they will need to know about cooking, food preparation and maybe cooling procedures.

In this article:

Staff Training Summary Report

This report gives you a summary of the training your staff has done using the Safe Food Pro default training forms. To find this report: 

  1. Go to Reports 
  2. Scroll down on the Summary page till you see Staff Training Summary Report 
  3. This will show a list of all of your Staff that have been added in Safe Food Pro 
  4. Then the Training they have completed will show up in the report 

You can export this report by clicking the buttons as shown below: 

Individual Staff Profile Report

Get an individual report of all of the Resources, Training forms, Quiz's & Follow-Up Actions completed by an individual staff member straight from their profile. To view this: 

  1. Go to Staff & Users 
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the Staff Member you want to look into 
  3. Click Training History to go to the training history tab

This report doesn't refine to only Staff Training, here it shows Completed Resources, Quizzes, Follow-Up Actions and Completed Staff Training forms that Reference the staff members name. 

Only Safe Food Pro Default forms with the form type Staff Training will show in the Completed Forms section in this report. 

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