User Roles

In Safe Food Pro we have several User roles.  Below is a brief description of what each role can do.


The administrator role allows a user to login to the Web Administration console for the organisation they have been added to.  They have full access to the account details area including adding/altering payment methods etc.  They can add or delete users.  They can log in to a mobile device using the same email and password as used on the web.  An administrator is either created when the wizard is run or by the Group administrator.


The tablet role only allows a user to login to a mobile device for one organisation.


The manager role is similar to the Admin role and allows a user to login to the Web Administration console for an organisation. They have no access to the account area. They can also login to a mobile device.


The verifier role allows a user to login to the Web Administration console and mobile device. They can have access to multiple organisations and when they log in they will be able to choose which organisation they want to log into.  They have the same access as a manager, except they can not add/edit new users or staff, Verifiers also aren't added into the site as staff members so they won't be able to complete any forms. This type of login can be useful for a Group Admin who also wants to be able to login to an individual organisation.

If you need your Verifier to have the ability to complete forms e.g. they are an inspector who will complete an inspection form on site then you can set them up to be added as a staff member as well. 

If you have a Verifier login for multiple organisations you will be given the option to select your organisation at the login screen on both the Mobile/Tablet and Web Login Page. Simply enter in your verifier email and password, then select the organisation you want to look at:  

  Role Access Web Console Login to tablet Access Multiple Organisations
Admin ✔ 
Tablet ✔ 
Manager ✔  no financials
Verifier ✔ no financials & cannot add users

Note: Once these user roles have been created they will automatically appear as staff members as well

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