Adding Staff

By adding staff it gives them access to Safe Food Pro so they can fill out forms and complete tasks as needed. 

Note: This video covers adding Users & Staff. To skip straight to Staff jump to 2:13 minutes. 

When you set up a staff member this gives them a 4 digit pin code to access the app, this does not give them access to any login details. This is a perfect set up if you are using a generic staff tablet. That way your staff will be able to sign off forms on the already logged in device. 

In this Article

  • Add Staff from Admin Console
  • Add Staff from Mobile Tablet App
  • Editing Staff
  • Need a Staff Member to Have Special Access?
  • Calling Staff from Mobile
  • Add Staff from Admin Console:

    1. Login to the Admin Console 
    2. Click Staff & Users 
    3. Click the green plus icon to add a new user
    4. Select the Staff
    5. Add First & Last name 
    6. Set the 4 digit pin code (you can do this from the app too)
    7. Add any additional information you want to include
    8. SAVE

      Note: If your staff need a login to Safe Food Pro then check out these articles on 

    Add Staff from Mobile Tablet App:

    If you are on the run and need to add a new staff member from the App. You need to have either an Admin , Manager or Tablet Manager Staff Member access to get the right permissions to add and edit Staff.  You can do this by: 

    1. Log in to the App on your Mobile Device/Tablet
    2. Click the menu icon in the top left corner (three lines) 
    3. Go to Staff 
    4. Click the green plus icon to add a new staff member
    5. Select your name from the list (this is to show you have the correct access) 
    6. Enter your 4 digit PIN to gain access 
    7. Fill out the questions. Make sure you've entered all of the required fields (*) before you save

    Viewing & Editing Staff:

    Once staff are added their details can be edited or viewed at any time either by themselves, an Administrator or Manager. 

    1. Go to Staff Page on Administration Console or the Mobile/Tablet App 
    2. Select Staff Member you want to edit 
    3. Click the Pencil (If you are using the app you will have to enter your pin instead of doing this step)
    4. Select 'Save' when complete 

    We understand employees come and go within a business so once they are deleted we keep them in the archives. If the employee comes back: 

    1. Go to Staff Page on Administration Console 
    2. Select 'Include Archived'

    3. The past employees will appear with an archived box on the far right, click the archived box to bring employee back

    Need a Staff Member to Have Special Access? 

    If you have set an employee up as a Staff Member but need them to access restricted forms such as, Staff Sickness, Incidents and Training Forms, then you can give them a special Manager (Tablet) Role. To do this: 

    1. Go to Staff Page on Administration Console 
    2. Click the Pencil icon to edit the Staff Member
    3. Change the Role to Manager (Tablet) 
    4. SAVE

    When selecting the Role you will  get two options: 

    • Tablet: A Staff Member that has the ability to complete forms on the Mobile/Tablet. 
    • Manager (Tablet): A Staff Member that has the ability to complete forms and view/edit forms with restricted access. 

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