Release Notes for November 2020

Version Number: Web - 2.3.30 Mobile - iOS: 2.3.3, Android: 2.3.6

New Admin Console Features

  • Identify Blue Notes from Form Reports Page
    Stay on top of your Corrective actions by spotting them clearly on the Reports page. This will give you a quick way to identify any reports with Blue Notes added.
  • Add a Review Date for Staff Training | For Annual Subscriptions only
    Do you conduct regular staff reviews following their Induction Training? You can keep track of when a review is due by adding a Review date and type to staff in their Staff & Users profile page. When you complete the Staff Review form their next review date and type is updated automatically.
  • Quick Switch login for Verifiers
    We added this SWITCH option for Verifier users in our last release on the Mobile. You can now easily switch between accounts on the Admin Console as well. 
  • Answer Reminders for 'Enter a Time' Questions
    You can now set reminder alarms for 'Select a Time' answers. For example you may be cooling food from 60°C to 5°C, which needs to happen in less than 6 hours and you have created a Form where you enter the temperature of the food when taken out of the oven and enter the time at which you are going to recheck the temperature. You can set an alarm on this answer time (say you picked 4pm) to go off 5, 10, 15 minutes in advance to remind you to recheck the temperature and go back into the Form and complete it.

New Mobile Features

  • Inline Answer Types
    We've made your form completion even faster, by adding additional Inline Answer Types. These inline answers are turned on by default in the new mobile release, but if you preferred the old style of answers you can turn this feature off from the Settings page under the menu in the Safe Food Pro mobile application.
  • Form Type Icons for Custom Forms | 
    Easily differentiate your custom forms on the app with our new Custom Form icons. Previously all custom forms had the same icon, but they now get their own icon based on the Form Category selected when building the form.
  • Form Report Enhancements
    Mobile Form Reports are useful when you have a form that needs to be updated several times a day, for example if you are cooking or preparing batches of items. Typically this will be a Form with a Repeating Group/Section of questions. For example, you have a form for recording the type and temperatures of pies coming out of the oven in batches over the course of the day. You can set up a mobile Form Report that allows you to view the batches and directly edit the temperature of each batch when they are removed from the oven instead of having to go back into the correct Form and find and update each item individually.
  • Add a Blue Note or Action to all answers |
    Previously you could only add a Blue Note or Action to your Form or to very specific answer types. Now you can attach a Blue Note or Action to any individual answer. 
  • Staff Resources display on the Staff Page | 
    You can now see your Staff Resources/Certificates in the Mobile application (e.g. Qualification Certificates, First Aid Certificates etc). You can access this from the Staff page under the Mobile Menu.
  • Customisable Mobile Settings 
    There are more settings that you can customise to suit the way that you use the mobile application. These include the ability to turn off inline answers; disabling the choice to add a photo from the gallery, which makes it faster to capture a new photograph and to turn your Bluetooth probe auto-scan off and on (useful if you don't always have a Bluetooth probe available and need to quickly add a manual temperature instead). 

New Forms: 

  • Unplanned Maintenance | This is an Ad Hoc form that can be used to track maintenance that was carried out to equipment due to breakdowns etc. It will not update the next maintenance due date (service date) when completed unlike our existing Regular Equipment Maintenance Register form.
  • Staff Review | This Ad Hoc form can be used to update your Staff Review date (as mentioned above). Complete this form to log your Staff Review and update a Staff Member's next review date.

Improved Features: 

  • We have been busy making several performance enhancements, particularly for really long forms.
  • This release includes several bug fixes - if you find something is wrong please let us know so we can fix it in future releases.

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