Using the Verifier User Role

An External Verifier User allows a user to login to multiple Safe Food Pro accounts using the same login details

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What is an External Verifier?  

An External Verifier is a User Role you can give to your Verifier, this gives them access to your Safe Food Pro account so they can look through your Reports in their own time. An External Verifier User Role means you can be set up as a Verifier with the same email address & password in multiple Safe Food Pro accounts, that way you don't need a different email address for each account you Verify. 

An External Verifier User gives you the ability to access the Admin Console with a View-only access. 

External Verifiers don't have the ability to: 

  • Edit or change any details
  • View payment details 
  • Login to the Mobile App 

How to add an External Verifier? 

A Verifier is added just like any other User: 

  1. Go to Staff & Users
  2. Set them up as a new user by clicking the green plus icon 
  3. Click the second icon (the one with the square & person in it) 
  4. Add their Email Address & set them a password
  5. Add their First & Last name 
  6. Set their user role as External Verifier 
Note: Your Verifier will then get sent an email inviting them to Safe Food Pro as well as a reset password email, this link expires in 2 hours but they can regenerate a new one by clicking Forgot Password on the login screen.

Switch Account Shortcut for External Verifiers

If you are set up as an External Verifier user you can very easily switch between accounts using our SWITCH tool. 

  1. Click the Account icon (face icon in the top right corner) 
  2. Click SWITCH
  3. Select the account you want to access 

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