Staff Training Overview

Every time a verifier visits you will need to show them your staff training records.  

To meet the MPI requirements you need to show that you have trained staff and visitors so that they can produce safe and suitable food. All staff and visitors must understand the training they are given and staff must be confident that they know exactly what to do and follow the plan to make sure safe and suitable food is produced.

There are two Ad-hoc forms within Safe Food Pro for recording training.

  • Induction training
  • Specific training of business procedure


You can use a  quiz to test your staff's understanding of the training they have received.

Viewing Staff Training

You can view Staff training in a few ways: 

  1. Completed Forms on the Reports Page 
  2. 'Staff Training Summary Report' on the Reports Page 
  3. Staff Page. Open the Staff Page on your Administration Console, click the 'pencil' icon to edit the staff member, scroll down to the bottom of their 'profile' and you will see their completed training forms and any other forms directly referencing their name e.g. staff sickness forms. 

Using the Ad-hoc Form "Induction training"

The induction form covers the basics that all staff and visitors need to know to keep food safe.

  • why and how to clean hands, 
  • why wearing clean clothing is important,
  • how to report sickness
  • dealing with foods that could make people sick, 
  • how and why cleaning and sanitising is important, 
  • keeping foods separate in the food preparation area (including, managing allergens, keeping raw/uncooked food away from cooked food, and managing chemicals and poisons), 

The collapsible yellow panels can be edited to make them specific to your business. 

Using the Ad-hoc Form "Specific training of business procedure"

You can train a staff member on a business procedure specific to your business or part of the Simply Safe and Suitable Food control plan.

If it is a new procedure you may want to upload a Resource to your Resource list first.   

  • On the mobile click on the green button to access the ad-hoc forms.
  • Chose "Specific training of business procedure" 
  • Chose the staff member being trained and applicable FCP section.
  • It is important in the 'Brief Description of Training' to be specific as this shows up in the report in the Administration Console (see below).
  • If a Resource was used in the training. Pick it from the list.  Clicking on the 'eye/view' button lets the staff member read the pdf/watch the video.
  • The staff member and the person conducting the training signs the form.

Example of form on the mobile device.

In Reports in the Admin Console you will see:


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