Reminders & Escalation

Set a reminder email or notification to stay on top of your Food Safety forms or set up escalations for when a form is not completed at the scheduled time.

Working in the Food Industry can get super busy, use the daily form scheduled Reminders to help your staff complete the Food Safety forms on time. You can then set up escalations that will initiate a process if the form is not completed at the scheduled time. 

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Note: You can only set Reminders and Escalations on Daily Scheduled forms

Adding a Reminder to a Form

Set a Reminder in your Form to remind your phone or staff tablet when a form is due. 

To do this: 

  1. Go to Forms in the Admin Console
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the form you're adding a reminder to
  3. Scroll down to the Scheduling area of the form
  4. Click the toggle button to turn on a reminder
  5. For a new reminder, click in the radio button Create your own reminder setting
  6. Give the reminder a name if you wish to use it in another form
  7. Enter the number of minutes you want to be reminded before the form is scheduled.  You have the option of 5, 15 or 30 mins
  8. Save the form

E.g. if the Form is due at 10am and you set a reminder for 30 minutes prior you will receive a notification at 9.30am to remind you to complete the form

Adding an Escalation to a Form

  1. Click the toggle button to turn on an escalation.
  2. For a new escalation, click in the radio button "Create your own escalation setting"
  3. Give the escalation a name if you wish to use it in another form
  4. Enter the number of minutes after the form's scheduled time, that you want the escalation sent.  You have options from 15 mins to 20 hours.
  5. If you want to send a message to an email add it and remember to hit enter so you see it in a "pill".
  6. You can add a phone number to receive notifications.  These are limited to 5 per org per month.  Use the format +6421123456.
  7. You can choose to send a push notification to the tablet.
  8. Add an action when this escalation is triggered.  This can be a message to everyone or an individual staff member.  You can link a form or resource to this escalation.  e.g. Additional training resource.
  9. To allow this escalation to repeat, set the snooze toggle on, and set the number of repeats and interval minutes.  You have options from 5 to 30 mins.

When you look at the save escalation it looks like this.  Note: If a message is sent to everyone the "Send to" line is blank.

Adding a Reminder/Escalation to a Question

If you use a form that you partially complete throughout the day then you can set up reminders and escalations for individual questions. This is perfect for Cooking or Cooling checks that need to happen throughout your day. Question reminders can work on any form whether it's Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Ad Hoc. 

To get started: 

  1. Go to Forms 
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the form 
  3. Scroll down to Form Design 
  4. Click on the question you need to add a reminder/escalation to 
  5. Click the clock icon
  6. Click minutes after the form is started until this question should be completed
  7. Select the minutes that would suit you e.g. 30 minutes 
  8. From there you can set the Reminder and/or Escalation for that question as per the Reminder and Escalation instructions above 

The timer starts when the first question is answered. If you set your Reminder to remind you in 5 minutes and your minutes until this question should be answered as 30, then you will get notified 25 minutes after you started completing the form to answer that question. 

Note: If you are using Repeating Sections or questions, the time is still reminded based on when the form is first started. Not when you click Repeat this Section

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