Difference between Staff & Users

Setting up your Staff to complete or monitor your Food Safety Forms? You can add them as either a User or a Staff Member.

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When setting up your Staff or employees you have the option to set them up as Staff or Users. The one you pick depends on how you or your employees will use Safe Food Pro. 

What's the difference between Staff and Users? 

  • Users give you a login to Safe Food Pro. This provides you with an email address and password that you can use to sign in. Users can have different roles such as Admin, Manager, Internal Verifier, External Verifier or Tablet which gives them different access levels. Every device used needs its own login, you shouldn't use the same sign in across two devices at the same time. 

    Staff gives you access to sign-off forms on the mobile app using a 4 digit pin code. You don't get your own login as a staff member, so this is a perfect setup if you are using a generic staff tablet. That way your staff will be able to sign off forms on the already signed-in tablet. 

  • Examples: 
  1. If you want someone to have Admin or Manager access, you will set them up as a User with the Role Admin or Manager. This will give them a login with access to both the mobile app & Admin console. 
  2. Using a Staff Tablet? Set up a generic User called tablet user. This is what you'll use to sign into the app on the tablet. Set your employees up as Staff so they can complete forms on the tablet. 
  3. Want everyone to use Safe Food Pro on their own mobile device, then set everyone up as a user with the Role Tablet. This will give them their own login details to the app. 

Accessing Staff & Users

You will find the Staff & Users tab on the Admin Console. Here you can: 

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