Release Notes May 2023

Release Notes 3.1.26

Equipment Improvements

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We understand that your food control plan is unique, to support this you can now customise the temperature limits of your equipment. You can now easily set your own upper and lower limits for equipment such as refrigeration by navigating to the Settings tab in My Business. 

  • Easily set custom temperature limits for Equipment to align with your Food Control Plan.
  • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units, depending on your preference.
  • Set custom limits for each Equipment category.

Improved Analysis Reporting

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Feature Alert: This feature is available for our Professional & Multi-Site Customers. For more information check out our Pricing Plans

Our Analysis Reporting tool is a robust feature available on our Professional, Multi-Site, and Enterprise plans. We've further enhanced this feature, enabling you to delve deeper into your reports. The drill-down functionality will provide you with valuable insights and allow you to gather even more useful information. The possibilities are endless! 

  • Drill down and add multiple layers of filtering for custom insights into your data.
  • Gain provides powerful insights across your group or organisation.
  • Compare a selection of trends and drill into them by form name, type or answer. 

Reporting Improvements

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Our primary goal is to enhance the customisation options of our Reporting system. You can now customise your Summary Report page to suit your needs. 

  • Re-order and Hide Reports on your Summary Reports page to get the view that suits you. 
  • Toggle the Time Stamp on or off on your Completed Forms to simplify your Report. 
  • Introduced the ability to view Corrective Actions from the Form Reports page as well as view them when exported. 

Group Admin Improvements

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Being a Group Admin in Safe Food Pro just got easier with the new Group Admin Reporting feature available on our Multi-Site plan. You can now easily analyse trends for forms, making it simpler to keep track of your accounts. In addition, a new role called Restricted Group Admin has been introduced, giving you the ability to grant Group Admin access to more users without sacrificing control.

  • Drill into trends for forms from the Completed Forms page in your Group Admin login.
  • Create a Restricted Group Admin User who can only view a selection of Accounts.
  • Send Group Summary Reports to Restricted Group Admins to show only the accounts the user is responsible for.
  • Drop-down lists in the Group Admin Console now show "All" or "None" at the top for easier navigation.

Coming Soon: New Temperature Profile Question Type

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Feature Alert: To use this feature you will need to purchase our new Temperature Probe Sensor from our Shop. Keep an eye out as we will be launching our Mobile App to connect the sensor soon... 

We're excited to announce a new question type for our form builder that brings powerful functionality to your food safety management. The temperature profile question type allows you to measure heating or cooling profiles over a period of time with complete customisation.

Note: If you're interested in this feature it's not yet active in the Safe Food Pro app, we'll be launching this soon! You'll also need one of our awesome new probe sensors which will be available in our shop shortly.
  • Use a wireless probe sensor to measure your food over the desired time period.
  • Receive alerts if the food being measured goes outside of the accepted temperature range.
  • Continue to use Safe Food Pro while you run your temperature profile/s in the background.
  • Build a customisable temperature profile for cooling or heating, with the ability to set custom intervals between each measurement and define an acceptable temperature range within those time intervals

Smaller Wins

  • Scrolling has been improved for long multi-line text entries.
  • The contrast in the Ad-hoc form library in dark mode has been improved on the app to make it easier to search for forms.

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