Setting Up a Group Admin

Staff change and you may need to add or delete Group Administrator Logins. You can also set Restricted Group Admins 

Knowing how to set up your Team in the Group Admin is super important. You can also set up the individuals as Restricted Group Admins - this means they will only see the accounts relevant to them and can have specialised reports sent to them.

In this Article: 

Add New Group Administrator:

Group Administrator logins are used to access the Group Safe Food Pro web console.

We have two types of Group Admin:

  • A Group Admin who can see all the organisations in your Group
  • A Restricted Group Manager who can see a subset of the organisations in your group as set by the Group admin.  This type of user cannot add other Group Admins or External verifiers.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to Group Admin Users on the main menu.
  2. Click the green plus button to add the new user 
  3. Fill in their name, email address, and initial password.
  4. Click SAVE  

Restricted Group Admin User

This user role is designed to provide you with greater flexibility and control over your group admin access. The Restricted Group Admin role is perfect for organizations that require more users to manage their groups but need to limit their access to sensitive data.

Restricted Group Admin View

Set up Restricted Group Admin users to only view a certain number of organisations they are responsible for. This view will be a view only restricted view where the user will only be able to view: 

  • Group Reports 
  • Organisations they have access to see 
  • Staff Details 
  • Group Settings

Add Restricted Group Manager:

  1. Navigate to Group Admin Users on the main menu.
  2. Click the green plus button to add the new user.
  3. Fill in their name, email address, and password
  4. Check the Restricted Group Manager box
  5. Select the required organisations they can view; This can be done by either unticking boxes or by clicking on Select None and ticking a few boxes.
  6. Click Save
Note: Restricted Group Admin won't be able to see or edit Group Forms, Resources or Suppliers. They will also only be able to view data relevant to the organisations you have selected for them to view. .

Restricted Group Admin Summary Report 

Once you've set up your Restricted Group Admin User, you can send them Group Summary Reports that only show the accounts they are responsible for. This ensures that they have access to the critical information they need to perform their duties effectively without compromising the security or privacy of other accounts.

To set this up: 

1. Log in to your Group Admin Console 

2. Go to Group Admin Users 

3. Select the user you want to convert into a Restricted Group Admin by clicking the check box within their profile

4. Click the summary report check box

5. Select the organisation you would like to give access to the Restricted user.

Note: Only the Group Admin with full access can un-restrict the user.

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