Release Notes for June 2019

New Features

  • Group Admin Summary Report: You can now generate a Report Summary outlining the Form Completion across all the organizations in your Group. 
  • Manager (Tablet) Role added to Staff Members: Do you have a Staff Member that you only want to have Tablet Access, but they need to be able to see and edit locked forms? You can now give them a Mobile-Only Manager View. 

Improved Features: 

  • Improvements to Reporting - Including Speed of Running the Verification Summary
  • Group Admin Dashboard Improvements: You can now filter the Group Dashboard Numerically and Alphabetically 
  • Ability to add the Equipment Category to the Bulk Upload Template
  • Resources can "belong" to a Piece of Equipment/Supplier. You can now see what piece of equipment or what supplier your resource was attached to in the Resources page.
  • Food Items added at Group level now Filter down to the Organisation Level 
  • Addition of Text Boxes to Quizzes: Shown in Creating a Quiz
  • Minor Bug Fixes

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