Adding Equipment such as Refrigerators and Freezers

Find out how to add equipment that you need to monitor and maintain such as fridges, thermometers and cabinets to Safe Food Pro.

As part of your Food Control Plan you need to monitor the temperature of the food in your fridge(s) and freezers to ensure that bugs cannot grow. As stated in Simply Safe and Suitable you need to record that food in your fridge(s) is being kept below 5 degrees Celsius and that food in your freezers is frozen every day.

You also need to maintain all your equipment and premises and show your verifier records of your maintenance and calibration checks. Safe Food Pro helps you collect and collate this information.

If some of your equipment is maintained by an external company then you should first go to the  Suppliers section of the Safe Food Pro administration console and enter details for those suppliers (instructions to add Suppliers are in this article, which opens in a new tab). You can then link the maintainer to the equipment (you can also edit your equipment at a later time to link or change the maintainer).

Adding Refrigerators and Freezers to Safe Food Pro

You need to create a record of each of your refrigerators and freezers in the  Equipment section of the Safe Food Pro administration console so that your staff can then fill in a daily temperature check form. The daily 'Temperature Check (Chillers & Cold Cabinets)' form automatically asks you to record a temperature for each piece of equipment that you setup with the category 'Refrigeration' or 'Freezer'

To create a new record choose  Equipment from the main menu in the Safe Food Pro administration console and then click on the circular green button to add a new piece of equipment.

  1. Choose a name for each fridge/freezer that your staff will recognise when they add temperatures.
  2. Choose 'Refrigeration' or 'Freezer' from the 'Equipment Category' list. This will automatically set the minimum and maximum temperature range and warnings, but you can edit these values to suit your business.
  3. If you have entered an external maintenance supplier then choose them from the list, otherwise choose 'Internal' (you can always change this later).
  4. Configure the upper and lower temperature levels and warnings.
  5. Click 'SAVE'

Repeat this for each of your refrigerators. If you have lots of them you can also enter their details into an Excel spreadsheet, save it in CSV format and then upload it.

As soon as you have added your refrigerators and freezers to Safe Food Pro they will automatically be available in the daily "Temperature Check (Chillers & Cold Cabinets)" form in the mobile application.

Adding Hot-Holding Equipment to Safe Food Pro

If you keep food, such as pies, hot for more than 2 hours then you may want to record the temperature of your hot-holding equipment (e.g. a pie-warmer) to be able to show your verifier how you keep food hot. To add a pie-warmer or similar equipment follow the same procedure as you used to add a fridge, but instead of choosing Equipment Category 'Refrigeration' choose 'Hot-Holding'. Safe Food Pro provides you with some default temperature limits, you may need to edit these to meet your needs. Once the equipment is saved you can then start filling in the  Temperature Checks (Hot Holding Equipment) forms from the mobile application.

By default this is an ad-hoc form - if you want to schedule it daily then in the administration console go to the Forms page, find the  Temperature Checks (Hot Holding Equipment) form and click on the edit pencil. Change the Form Schedule to 'daily' and if necessary configure the times of the day at which you want to capture the hot-holding temperature. See this article for further details on scheduling a form.

Note: In order for you to provide your verifier with the maintenance records that they need you should also create an equipment record for each piece of equipment that you calibrate and maintain. You can then fill in ad-hoc maintenance/inspection and calibration forms using the mobile application.

Adding Resources to your Equipment

You may want to attach equipment manuals or cleaning resources to the equipment! This can be done by linking a resource specifically to the piece of equipment: 

  1. Click 'Green Plus' button next to 'Resources'
  2. Add a Resource
  3. This Resource will be displayed on the Resources page on both your Mobile/Tablet and your Administration Console 

If you want to learn more about adding resources have a read of this article!

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