Follow-up Action

A Follow-up Action is an action for a particular staff member or everyone in your Organisation

You can use a Follow-Up Action on our App when you are using adding a Blue Note or Observation that something is wrong. By adding a Blue Note, you are recording that something was not right, but that Blue Note may not be acted upon by anyone else. 

You can now create a traceable follow-up (corrective) action at the same time.

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Adding a Follow-Up Action to a Blue Note

As an example, we are going to go through the steps of recording a Fridge temperature that is out of the recommended range. 

Today when I completed my daily pest check I found traces of pests in our storage cupboard out front. Since this form is set up with a no/yes + reason answer type, when I answer Yes to Any sing of pests? it prompts me to add a Blue Note explaining what I have found. 

In the video above I added: 

  • Blue Note: Found pest droppings in storage cupboard out front
  • Follow-Up Action: I called Pest Control. Complete this form when they arrive this afternoon. I then assigned the Follow-Up Action to the staff member (Sall) who was working the afternoon shift and attached the Visit from Pest Control form for them to complete when Pest Control arrive. 
Note: Blue Notes can be added by adding a reason in the Y/N+Reason or N/Y + Reason answer type, or by entering an out of bounds temperature recording in your Temperature Check forms, or by clicking the Blue Note icon on the bottom left corner of the form.

Receiving and Completing a Follow-Up Action

Once the Follow-Up Action has been added, you will receive a notification. If you assigned it to a User then only the User will receive the notification, if you assigned it to a Staff Member (a user without a login) then everyone will receive a notification. 

This is what Sally would've seen on her app when she started her shift that afternoon: 

In the video above you can see: 

  • A Blue Note was added to the Daily Pest Check form as it has a Blue Note icon next to it 
  • Sally had a notification to check 
  • She completed the Follow-Up Action by clicking on the Visit from Pest Control form. Sally then completed the form show that Pest Control came. If Sally didn't click on the form, she could have left the message there and clicked DONE when she had completed the Follow-Up Action.

Viewing Completed Follow-Up Actions

You can view the status of the Follow-Up Action from the Admin Console in multiple different places such as, Activity Stream, Staff Training History, Message Console and the Summary Reports page. 

Activity Stream 

Here you can see a Blue Note was added, then a Follow-Up Action was added too (this is the Red Speach bubble!)

If you click on this on the activity stream then you'll see a follow-up action attached to the completed form. Here you can see the Blue Note is showing at the top of the form and the Follow-Up Action is showing attached to the question. This shows, who it was assigned to, the form attached and if it has been completed or not. 

Staff Training History

You can view all Follow-Up actions that have been assigned to a Staff/User on the Staff & Users page. To do this: 

  1. Go to Staff and Users 
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the person you want to see. Here I'm looking at Sally 
  3. Click Training History tab (at the top) 
  4. Scroll to the bottom to see all follow-up actions that are assigned to that staff/user 
  5. Click the view icon to see the completed form 

Message Console 

View all Follow-Up Actions and messages from the Message Console, this is the little green Message icon in the top of your Dashboard. Click on this to view your messages in the account, here you can mark the Follow-Up action as completed by clicking the tick icon too. 

Summary Reports Page 

You can also view all Follow-Up Actions that have been made in the Summary Reports page. To do this: 

  1. Click Reports 
  2. Stay on the Summary tab 
  3. Scroll down to the bottom to your Action/Tasks report 
  4. View all Follow-Up Actions here 

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