Building a Custom Form for Bluetooth Probes

Have you turned on your Bluetooth Probe forms but want to use the Bluetooth Probe for other purposes? You'll need to build a custom form

Just starting to set up your Bluetooth Probe? Make sure you check out the Using Bluetooth Probes article first. If you've turned on the Bluetooth Probe forms and you still need another one then you can build a custom one. 

Building a custom form for a Bluetooth Probe 

There are two options when it comes to setting up your form, making a custom form or copying one of our default forms. If you want to use our default forms e.g. Receiving a Delivery etc. you will need to duplicate the form and change a few things around. Please contact if you need to do this. If you would like to build your own temperature check form then: 

  1. Login to Administration Console (Computer).
  2. Go to Forms.
  3.  Then start creating a custom form
  4. Add a new Question
  5. Change the answer type to Bluetooth Temperature Reading(s)
  6. Select the Food Item you will be checking - or you can select all e.g. if this form is just a poultry check you can select poultry. If this form will be used for multiple different food checks then you can select all
  7. Turn the toggle on to use warnings & limits. Select the temperature limits and warnings you want
  8. SAVE

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