Forcing Decimal Places

Decimal places are set in the form builder. You can set your numeric answers to show 0,1 or 2 decimal places

Based on feedback from Verifiers, decimal places are now forced. When using the Numeric Answer type you can specify the precision or number of decimal places. Once the precision has been set, then you type out the number as you would on an Eftpos machine.

e.g. if you were using the precision of 1 decimal and your number is 52 then you would type 520 into the keypad. Most of your default Safe Food Pro forms are set to one decimal place. 


Note: If you haven't specified the number of decimal places then the default is set to 1.

Setting your Decimal Place

  1. Go to Forms.
  2. You can either alter an existing form or create a custom form.
  3. Add a Question.
  4. Make the Answer Type Numeric.
  5. Click Precision (in decimal places).
  6. Select 0,1 or 2.
  7. SAVE.

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