Using Yes/No + Reason or No/Yes + Reason Answers

Need to know why someone has answered Yes or No? Then you can use the Yes/No or No/Yes + Reason Answer 

You can use this Answer type by adding it to an existing form or adding it to a custom form. To do this simply: 

  1. Login to the Administration Console (Web).
  2. Go to Forms.
  3. Either click the orange plus button to create a new form or the edit button to alter an existing form.
  4. Click the Question button to add a new question.
  5. Add the Question Text.
  6. Select the Yes/No + Reason or No/Yes + Reason answer type.
  7. SAVE.


Yes/No + Reason: 

  • Cooking Test: Was this food cooked at an acceptable temperature? 
    • If answered no then they can explain why and what was done with it.
  • Cleaning: Have the bench tops been wiped down?   
    • If answered no then they can explain why.

No/Yes + Reason: 

  • Maintenance Forms: Is any follow up required?   
    • If answered yes then what needs to be done can be added.
  • Pest Checks: Were any pests found? 
    • If answered yes then they can write what was found and what they did.


This answer type acts as an  Action Alert/Blue note. When a form that uses this answer type has been answered it will show up in the activity stream, all reasons will appear as a blue note and will be listed when you hover over it. 

View from Activity Stream: 

View from a Completed Form: 

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