Adding a New Site/Organisation to my Group

As your business continues to expand you will want to be able to add new organisations or sites to your group.

Having a Group Set Up allows you to easily add new sites as you expand.

In this article we explain how you as a Group admin can create new sites:

If you want your sites to set themselves up then send them your Group code and the link to this article.

Adding an Organisation from within your Group Admin Login

You can add a new organisation into your group directly from your Group Admin Login 

To do this: 

  1. Click on Organisations on the left hand side of the Dashboard
  2. Click on the green plus button
  3. This will send you to the Set Up Wizard which you run to set up your new organisation
  4. Your Group code will be pre-populated when you access it this way

Adding an Organisation from outside your Group Admin Login

You can add an organisation from outside your Group Admin Login.

To do this:

  1. Go to the Safe Food Pro Set Up Wizard 
  2. Enter your Group Code into the box where it says Group Code 
  3. Run the Set Up Wizard as per usual 

It is key to note |  whatever way that you choose to set up your new organisation you will want to send the manager of your new organisation this Setting Up Safe Food Pro article

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