Using Timed Temperature Sensors

Want to automate your Cooking & Cooling Checks? Safe Food Pro's Timed Sensors will be able to record and display this important information automatically!

Safe Food Pro Temperature Sensors are temperature recording devices that can be placed inside of your fridges, freezers or hot holding. The sensors record the temperature inside your equipment and display this information in a graph on your Dashboard. The Timed Sensor feature allows you to activate the sensors to record a specific timed period. This can be useful when you need to record the temperature over a short length of time like in your Cooling Food checks. 

To find out more information on our Temperature Sensors head over to our Setting Up your Temperature Sensors article or check out our Shop

Setting up your Timed Sensors

  1. Login to the Administration Console (Computer) 
  2. Go to Equipment 
  3. Add a new piece of Equipment 
  4. Change the equipment category to Timed Sensors 
  5. Go to Wireless Monitoring section 
  6. Select the sensor number you will use 
  7. Don't select active until you want your temperature sensor to start reading 
  8. SAVE

Using your Timed Sensors

There are two ways to activate your time sensors, from the Administration Console and on the Mobile App. To start or stop your timed sensor on the Administration Console you will need to: 

  1. Go to Equipment 
  2. Click the pencil icon
  3. Select active (to turn the sensor on) or deselect active (to turn the sensor off) in the Wireless Monitoring section 
  4. SAVE 

The most common way to use this feature will be on the Mobile/App: 

  1. Click the menu icon in the top left corner (three lines) 
  2. Click Equipment 
  3. Scroll to the bottom to see Timed Sensors 
  4. Select the sensor you set up 
  5. Click the toggle so it turns green 

Once the toggle is green your sensor will start recording readings. You can view these on your Dashboard in the graph named Timed Sensors. When you have finished with your timed sensors e.g. your food has cooled or you cooking test is complete you will need to turn the sensor off by either: 

  • Turning the toggle off so it's now grey on your Mobile App 
  • Turning the active button off on your Equipment in the Administration Console  

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