Creating your own Cleaning Schedule

Customise our cleaning templates to suit you and your daily activities 

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By default when you set up your Safe Food Pro account you get given a Daily Cleaning Task and a Weekly Cleaning Task form. These have basic tasks as an example of what you can do with your cleaning form. You can then customise it to suit you. 

Altering an Existing Cleaning Form

You may want to alter one of our cleaning templates to suit you. In our cleaning forms we use a Collapsible Panel to explain the cleaning tasks, then followed by a Question to record if the task has been completed. There may be a few different ways you manage your Cleaning task, we've got different step by step guides depending on how you need to build your forms: 

Option A:

Let's say you do the same cleaning checks every day, this is how you would start: 

  1. Login to Safe Food Pro Admin Console (Web Browser) 
  2. Go to Forms 
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the Daily Cleaning Checklist
  4. Select the days you are open in the Form Schedule (e.g. untick Sundays if you are closed then) 
  5. Scroll down to Form Design 
  6. Click on the Collapsible Panel and change the text 
  7. Click on the Question to change the question text to match the collapsible panel 

If you don't want the question in the form at all, simply click the delete icon under the question to get rid of it completely. 

You can also add new questions and collapsible panels to a form by clicking the icon in the toolbar on the side. 

Option B: 

Let's say the bulk of the cleaning tasks stay the same each day, but you have a couple of additional tasks for certain days in the week. You would follow the steps in Option A to edit our existing tasks, then you would: 

For this example you have additional cleaning tasks on Mondays & Wednesdays that you staff need to complete as well as the everyday tasks. 

  1. Add a Conditional Section to the bottom of the Form 
  2. Make the text Is it Monday? 
  3. Add a Question below 
  4. Add the question text to explain the cleaning task 
  5. Continue to add questions for all additional Monday tasks 
  6. Add an additional Conditional Section 
  7. Make the text Is it Wednesday? 
  8. Add the relevant Wednesday tasks as questions below 
  9. SAVE the form 

Options C: 

If you need your staff to complete different cleaning tasks each day, then you can simply create a base form and duplicate it for each day. From there you can customise the cleaning tasks in each form: 

  1. Use the Daily Cleaning Tasks form and customise it to suit your Monday Cleaning tasks
  2. Change the Form Schedule for this form to Monday 
  3. SAVE the form 
  4. Click the square duplicate button next to the form 
  5. Change the name to Tuesday Daily Cleaning Tasks 
  6. Change the schedule to only show up on Tuesdays 
  7. Change the cleaning tasks to suit that specific day 
  8. SAVE

Repeat these steps for each days tasks.

Create a Custom Cleaning Form

If you'd prefer to start from scratch then you can make your own custom cleaning form. Keep in mind that if you make your own custom cleaning form then you will need to go to Form Reports when you need a Cleaning Report. 

  1. Go to Forms 
  2. Click the green plus button to start a new form 
  3. Add in the Form name 
  4. Set the schedule to suit you 
  5. Select the cleaning category 
  6. Scroll to form design and start creating your own custom form

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