Creating your own Cleaning Schedule

MPI requires you to show a record of your cleaning tasks, who does it and when.

As every business is different Safe Food Pro only provides generic templates for cleaning and maintenance tasks you will need to edit these to suit your own routines.

If you navigate to the Forms menu on the Administration console there are the following forms available for editing.

  • Cleaning - Daily cleaning checks.
  • Cleaning - Weekly cleaning checks.

A good way of showing how you clean something is to use the collapsible panel question type. Click here to see how to use this when altering an existing form.

MPI's current guidelines from the (purple) 'Cleaning Up' section of Simply Safe & Suitable are:

Show your verifier: 

  • your ‘end-of-day’ routines including stock control.
  • a record of your cleaning tasks, who does it and when.
  • how you remove waste.
  • how you clean your bins and rubbish area, and who is responsible.
  • that your premises and equipment is clean and that laundry is being done when necessary.
  • how you clean and sanitise your food preparation areas and equipment.
  • how you use chemicals safely.

Things to include in your schedule are; 

  • work surfaces and chopping boards.
  • utensils, e.g. knives, scoops, tongs.
  • interior of ‘fridges, display cabinets.
  • equipment with moving parts, e.g. food mixers, slicers and processors.
  • sinks and soap dispensers.
  • reusable cloths and work clothes.
  • ice machines.
  • vacuum-packing equipment.
  • rubbish bins, broom and mop handles.
  • door handles, taps, switches and controls.
  • can openers, telephones.
  • floors, walls, ceilings.
  • storage areas and freezers.
  • waste areas, drains, grease traps.
  • microwaves, ovens, dishwashers.
  • places where customers handle food. 
  • toilets and staff facilities.

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