Receiving a Delivery

Receiving deliveries is made simple with Safe Food Pro, by logging suppliers and then filling delivery form on your tablet

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Adding Suppliers

To log your deliveries you need to add your suppliers first. You can add Suppliers from either the Mobile App or Admin Console (Computer Login) 

  1. Add one or more new suppliers by choosing Suppliers from the Main menu 
  2. Click the green plus button
  3. Select either single supplier or bulk upload supplier (bulk upload is only available on the Admin Console) 
  4. Fill out the supplier's information and save
Once this is completed your delivery forms should be ready to go.
Note: Here's some more information on Adding Suppliers

Filling out Delivery Forms

  1. Sign in to your Safe Food Pro Mobile/Tablet Application
  2. Your delivery form will be found in the Ad Hoc list on the app 
  3. Select the form and fill out delivery details. When you click on 'Supplier name' you can select one of your previously entered suppliers from the drop down
  4. Save form once completed

Scheduling Delivery form to Daily

By default we schedule the Receiving a Delivery form as Ad Hoc, this is because deliveries tend to be quite sporadic and can show up multiple times throughout the day. You may want to prompt your staff to complete your Delivery form by scheduling it for Daily. 

Prompt your team to complete Deliveries by scheduling to Daily

You can schedule the form to show up Daily so it comes up as a part of your Daily checklists on the app. This means they can fill in the form once per day. 

  1. Go to Forms 
  2. Click the pencil icon next to Receiving a Delivery 
  3. Change the Form Schedule to Daily from None

Set up your form to allow for days you didn't receive deliveries 

If you don't receive deliveries every day, but you would like it to still show up on the Daily checklists, then you can use a Conditional Section

  1. Go to Forms
  2. Click the pencil icon next to Receiving a Delivery
  3. Change the Form Schedule to Daily from None
  4. Scroll down to Form Design
  5. Add a Conditional Section (drag it so it shows up at the top of the form)
  6. Enter the text Receiving a Delivery
  7. Click the toggle allow multiple answers (this makes everything below the Section Header a repeatable section, so your staff can fill in the form and repeat it again and again)
  8. Ensure you move the instruction text up to the top as explained above 
  9. Add a new question in the form with the answer type time 
  10. SAVE

Adding a new question with the answer type time allows the form to save if no questions have been answered. What this will do is if you don't have deliveries that day your staff can sign off the form using their pin number without answering any of the questions. If you did get deliveries, a yes tick box will be there, they can click that to start completing the form. 

Viewing Completed Delivery Forms

Now that you have completed your delivery forms you can view them both on the app and in your administration console.

Viewing on the App: 

  1. Go to the Menu
  2. Click Saved Forms
  3. Search for Receiving a Delivery or filter the category by Deliveries
  4. If you need to edit past delivery forms you can select the preferred form and edit it. Don't forget to click 'Save' when you are finished! 

Viewing on Administration Console:

  1. Sign in to Administration Console
  2. Click Reports from the Menu
  3. Go to Forms Reports
  4. Change the Date Range in the top right corner 
  5. Find the Receiving a Delivery form

You can view each individual report by click on the view icon on the far right. 

Note: You can also view completed delivery forms on the administration console by going to the 'Completed Forms' page in the reports page. This shows all of your completed forms in your Safe Food Pro. 

Managing Delivery Issues

Had an issue with your Delivery? You can set up a form for returning Incoming Goods and set it up that once it's completed it automatically sends to the Supplier selected.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when creating this form: 

  • Add an Instruction Text box or a couple of Section Headers with your Store Name and Address on it. That way the Supplier knows who the Form is from. 
  • Make sure you have required questions in this form, otherwise as soon as you save the form it will be sent to the supplier. 

Note: Need help making this form? Safe Food Pro Support may have some tips that can help you. Email us at

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