Release Notes for August 2018

Key enhancements and bug fixes in the latest release


  • If a staff member leaves your business you can now archive them under staff on the Web administration console.  If you need to re-hire them you can reverse the process.
  • You can now test your staff's Food Safety knowledge by creating quizzes using the quiz option when you create a form.
  • There are new dashboard statistics for your weekly and monthly tasks.
  • Keeping on top of upcoming maintenance of equipment is easier; equipment needing maintenance soon is now shown on the dashboard.
  • There are two new Simply Safe and Suitable forms (S39-00002) - "Checking the plan is working well" and "Selling food to other business".
  • It is easier to schedule your monthly and yearly forms. When schedule a form to be 'monthly' you can refine the schedule to particular months of the year.  The form appears in the mobile application monthly diary page only in the month(s) you choose.
  • There is new form and equipment category 'Hot Holding' in order to make it easier to show your verifier how you keep food hot if you use equipment like a pie warmer.
  • When you create a custom form there is a very powerful new feature allowing you to repeat a single question or a section containing multiple questions. For example you can add a single 'Capture signature' question and allow it to be repeated when the form is filled in using the mobile application in order to capture multiple signatures. Similarly you could create a custom delivery form that repeats a section of questions about a delivery in order to cater for capturing information about multiple items that are delivered at the same time.


  • When a staff member completes a quiz they are shown their score and the correct answers. They are not allowed to change their answers once they have submitted the form.
  • Monthly forms only appear in the month they are scheduled for.  A three monthly form for calibration will only appear in the months you specify.  e.g. February, May, August and November.
  • Keeping on top of upcoming maintenance of equipment is easier - equipment needing maintenance soon is now shown on the Maintenance page, accessed from the main menu.

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