Creating User Groups

Have forms you only need a group of your Users to see? Create Users Groups for segmentation.

Feature Alert: This feature is only available on select plans. 

User Groups can be a great way to choose what forms you want different users to see. This is a great way to manage different teams or different job types. 

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What are User Groups?

User Groups are a way to segment types of Users. If you have Forms that are relevant to only a few people in your team, you can create a User Group for them. That way when you build the form, assign it to that User Group, so only that group of Users will ever see it. 

You can use User Groups to simplify what your team sees in Safe Food Pro that way they only see the forms they need to interact with. 

User Group Examples

  • Group Monthly Audit Forms to Administrators & Managers 
  • Create a Front of House User Group that only your FOH Staff can see 
  • Have a Kitchen Staff User Group that contains forms only relevant to Kitchen Staff 

Creating User Groups

You can create User Groups from the Admin Console (Computer login). 

  1. Go to My Business 
  2. Click Settings 
  3. Type in the name of your User Group 
  4. Hit the ENTER key 
  5. Repeat until you've added them all
  6. Click SAVE 

The user groups will now show on the User's Profiles & Form Builder pages. 

Note: To remove a User Group, click the small 'x' next to the User Group name on the Settings page. 

Adding a User to a User Group

User Groups can only be assigned to a User with a login. This means if you are in a specific user group, you will need to login on to your own device. For example, if you have a Front of House and Kitchen User Group, you will need to create a different user for each User Group and get a device for each user. 

To add a User to a User Group

  1. Go to Staff & Users 
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the relevant User 
  3. Click Select one or more User Groups 
  4. Select all User Groups that apply to this User 
  5. SAVE 
Note: If a user doesn't apply to a User Group then they will see all forms that aren't allocated to a User Group 

Adding a Form to a User Group

To add a Form to a User Group

  1. Go to Forms
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the relevant Form  
  3. Scroll down in settings to see User groups that need to complete this form
  4. Tick all the User Groups that apply 
  5. SAVE 
Note: A User Group can be applied to a Scheduled and/or Ad Hoc form

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