What is a Group Admin?

A Group enables you to have an umbrella account where you can set standardised Forms, Resources, and Suppliers etc. This means you can standardize your Food Control Plan

This article will cover what its means to have a Group and what you can set up from Group Level. 

In this Article 

What is a Group?

A Group is an umbrella account that enables you to set standardized Forms, Suppliers, Resources, and User Groups across multiple accounts. This is perfect if you have franchisees, multiple divisions/locations in your company, or if you manage multiple accounts. It also enables you to access Reporting from a Group Level. Which means you can access data for Hazards/Incidents that have occurred across your accounts.

Group Admin Login

Being a Group Admin means that you have the ability to keep a birds eye view on all of the sites included within your group.

To access your Group you need to be set up as a Group Admin. This gives you the ability to: 

  1. Create new accounts within your Group 
  2. View all the accounts within your Group and their Dashboards
  3. Set Group wide Forms, Resources, Suppliers, and User Groups
  4. Access Reporting from data collected from all the accounts within your Group

Important to know

  1. A Group Admin can only access the Admin Console (computer side).
  2. A Group Admin does not have you ability to log into each individual Account within the Group
  3.  If you want to login to each individual organisation you will need to be set up with an Admin login for each specific organisation 

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