Setting up Safe Food Pro - Group

Check out this video for a quick insight on how to set up your Safe Food Pro account: 

Congratulations on completing the wizard.  Your account will now have the forms you need to manage your Food Safety with Safe Food Pro.

Once you complete the Setup Wizard you are logged into the administration console automatically. The first time that you login you still have a few tasks to complete in order to get started. These are shown by the orange 'To Do' labels on the main menu.

You will also see some information to help you get started. You can close this popup window and then re-open it later by clicking on the 'Getting Started' button in the top bar.  

You will be prompted to complete the following steps. 

  • Add Staff Members.  Adding staff members gives them access to complete your daily Food Plan activities using the Safe Food Pro mobile application and digitally sign any information that they enter. 
  • Add additional Administrator Logins (Users).  Administrator logins are used to access the Safe Food Pro web console.  Users can be set up wth various roles which give different access level in Safe Food Pro.
  • Add Suppliers. Enter the details of suppliers who you receive deliveries from or use to maintain your equipment etc.
  • Add Equipment.  Enter the details of the equipment (particularly fridges and freezers) that you need to monitor and maintain.
  • Download the Mobile Application onto your Tablet(s).  

Other things you may want to do

  • Modify the daily/weekly and monthly cleaning and maintenance forms to reflect your business needs. Check out how to do this here.
  • Schedule the forms to reflect your business opening hours. 
  • Create your own forms to monitor your business needs - this is a custom form - click here to see how.
  • Add your credit card details so you don't miss out on all the reporting features of Safe Food Pro.
  • Train your staff on how to complete forms on the tablet.  This article will show them how or watch this video.

You are now ready to use Safe Food Pro. Log into your mobile device and start completing your Food Safety forms.

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