Release Notes for July 2020

New Admin Console Features

  • Combining Staff & Users Tab |
    We've moved all Staff management into one easy to find place on your Admin Console. Keep an eye out for the new User or Staff symbols to differentiate the two. You'll also have the ability to convert a Staff Member straight to a User with the click of a button. Check out how you can now add staff and users
  • More User Notifications
    Keep on top of your maintenance & certificate/permit due dates with push notifications or emails. Set these up on the Staff & Users page by editing your User notifications. 
  • Ability to add Staff Resources
    With the new Staff & User structure we've been able to add the ability to add Staff resources. Attach your Staff's qualifications, First Aid Certificate or any additional information you may want to store straight from the Staff & User tab. 
  • Dashboard Improvements
    Rearrange your Dashboard to suit you. Change the order of what you see on the dashboard, prioritise what you need to see the most. We also have a new TODAY date range to get a snapshot into what's happening today. 
  • Auto-Send form to Supplier
    Received a Delivery with damaged goods or goods out of the required temperature range? Set up a form for any Incoming Goods Issues and use the new Supplier answer type to automatically send the form to the supplier. 

New Mobile App Features

  • Mobile Dashboard
    Stay on top of your form completion with the Mobile Dashboard. Get a snapshot view into your weeks Daily Form Statistics, Bucket Counts, and Manual Temperature Monitoring Graphs. 
  • Mobile Form Reports
    Get a mini form report on the mobile app. Add a report in the Saved Forms of up to 5 questions to keep an eye on Reports of high importance. 
  • Only My Saved Forms View
    If you are logged in as your own user, you can filter your Saved Forms view to only see the forms you've completed. This will make it easier to find forms you need to complete later or if you need to view a form you've previously completed. 

Improved Features: 

  • Manage your Messages from the app by filtering by Escalation, Follow-Up Action, Web Notification or Mobile Notification. 
  • View Staff initials next to each form on Saved Forms page
  • Bluetooth Probe answer type improvements | Add the ability to automatically record all temperatures, the highest temperature or the lowest temperature. 
  • Minor Bug Fixes

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