Completed Calendar

The Completed Calendar View provides an overview of the forms completed on each day and a summary of performance against daily scheduled targets.

The "Completed Calendar" View shows you at a glance the daily form completions against the scheduled targets.  These can be viewed Monthly, Weekly or Daily. 

To start you'll need to go to the Completed Calendar on your Reports page. 

  1. Select the date range you want to load first
  2. Select the View you would like e.g. Month, Week or Day (just like in your Google or Online Calendar)

This is the Day View in the Completed Calendar.

Extra Tips

  • All of the icons on each day represent every form that has been completed that day. You can click on this to open the individual completed form. 
  • If an icon has a Blue Line under it, this means it has a Blue Note/Exception added. 
  • If an icon has a Red Line above it, this means it has a Corrective Action added.
  • In the Month view, you will see the number of daily forms expected to be completed vs how many have been completed. This will show in red if all daily forms weren't completed that day. 

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