Check in and Check out

The Check In and Check Out buttons provide a way to record when your Employees are on site.

The Check In and Check Out feature is one method within Safe Food Pro to keep track of when Users (your employees with a Safe Food Pro login created under My Business, Users) come to your premises. 

This is an optional feature (by default it is off), which adds a button in the bottom left of the diary page on all mobile devices running Safe Food Pro. Users can click the "Check In" button to notify their manager or supervisor when they arrive on site, and "Check Out" to notify when they leave. 

From the dashboard, Managers and Administrators can see notifications in the activity stream of any Check Ins and Check Outs. These are also visible in the Check In Form Report, which display the times each User checks in and out and how close to the Organisation's address that they were at the time.

Enabling Check In / Check Out:
  1. Click on the "My Business" tab on the dashboard.
  2. Tick the box "Use Check In Feature".
  3. Click "Save".

The Check In feature is now enabled, and users on the mobile will be able to see the Check In button (they may need to sign out and sign back in first). It can be disabled at any time by un-ticking the "Use Check In Feature" box.

Checking In and Out on the mobile:
  1. From the diary page, click on the icon in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click on the green "Check In" button.
  3. When you are leaving site click the icon in the bottom left again, and click the "Check Out" button.

  4. When you are checked-in an icon is shown in the top bar.

Viewing Check Ins from the web:

Check-ins and check-out are displayed in the Activities Stream on the Dashboard. To view a summary of check-in information in the reporting section:

  1. Click on the "Reports" tab on the menu on the left.
  2. Click on the Form Reports page.
  3. Filter by form name "Check In Check Out".
  4. Click on the green page icon.

    You will now have a list of all check-ins/outs, which can be sorted by user name. 

Individual check-ins can be viewed by clicking on them as they appear in the activity stream, or viewing them through the Completed Forms page.

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