Training in Specific Business Procedure's or Methods

Using the Ad-hoc Form "Specific training of business procedure/method"

You can train a staff member on a business procedure specific to your business or part of the Simply Safe and Suitable Food control plan. For example: 

  1. Train your staff in a specific MPI Section. All the sections are already uploaded in your Resources, select which one you've trained your staff in (e.g. Making & Cooking) and explain in the Description how you trained your staff in this section. 
  2. Train your staff in a new Cleaning Procedure. Add your Cleaning Procedure as a Resource, then explain how you trained them in this area. 
  3. If your Menu changed, you can train your staff with what the New Allergens are in the Menu. Upload the new Menu as a Resource, select the resource in the form, then explain how you trained them and what allergens there are. 
If it is a new procedure you may want to upload a Resource to your Resource list first.   

Filling in the Form 

  1. Log into the App 
  2. Click the Green Plus button to access Ad Hoc Forms
  3. Click Specific training of business procedure/method
  4. Chose the staff member being trained and applicable FCP section.
  5. It is important in the 'Brief Description of Training' to be specific as this shows up in the report in the Administration Console (see below). 
  6. If a Resource was used in the training. Pick it from the list.  Clicking on the 'eye/view' button lets the staff member read the pdf/watch the video.
  7. The staff member and the person conducting the training signs the form.

Once you've trained your Staff you'll be able to see the Training Records in your Staff Training Summary: 

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