Having Issues Changing between Accounts?

If you are seeing the wrong or old data in your Safe Food Pro account, this may be due to caching issues. 

This can happen if you find yourself singing in and out of multiple accounts using either a verifier login or if you've been set up with multiple different logins for different organisations. 

Don't worry, it's just the computer getting a bit confused about what organisation you are trying to access. This can easily be fixed by clearing your cache: 

Chrome Users: 

  1. Go to the Tab that Safe Food Pro is open. 
  2. Click on the Menu in the top right corner.
  3. Click More Tools.
  4. Click Clear Browsing Data.

  5. Check the box Cached images and files.
  6. Change the Date Range to suit you.
  7. Click Clear Data.

Note: We highly recommend using Google Chrome when using Safe Food Pro. Not a Chrome User? Message support@safefoodpro.co.nz for more help! 

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