Troubleshooting Sensor issues

Having trouble logging temperatures with your Sensors?

Below are a few things that may need your attention:

Q: I am not getting any temperature readings.

  1. Check your hub is connected to your Internet Router. Is the Red light on? Is the green net light flashing every few seconds?
  2. If you've never received readings, your network may have a firewall. In this case, you need to get your network administrator to allow outbound access through your firewall on TCP Port 3000
  3. Your Wireless Hub may be too far away from your sensors or the signal is being obstructed. In this case, move your Wireless hub closer to your sensors. This may require a longer LAN cable. Distance isn't always the issue, your hubs may be close to the sensors but you may have a lot of barriers e.g. Steel Walls, Corner, Stairs etc. Your sensors need a clear line of sight to send their readings, interference can decrease the signal strength or stop the sensors from getting readings completely.  Anything greater than -100dBm is good.  If the signal strength is closer to -120dBm try moving the hub closer to the sensor.

  4.  Individual sensors can be checked by removing them from the fridge and placing them near to the wireless hub. You should see them reappear on your graph within an hour. If the sensor does not reappear, please contact
  5. If you have multiple sensors which have all disappeared from your graph, the problem is more likely to be related to the hub rather than the individual sensors. Please check that it is still plugged in, with both the red light and green flashing light showing. If this is true, please reboot the hub by disconnecting the power and then reconnecting it. If your sensors do not reappear after an hour, please contact

Q: I am getting intermittent temperature readings

  1. The sensor signal may be obstructed by items in the fridge or freezer. Try moving the sensor closer to the door or your Wireless hub closer to your sensors. 

Q.  What is an ideal signal strength?

  1. The ideal range is greater than -100dBm e.g  -60 to -80 dBm range is average-strong. We have had businesses whose sensors are fine working with strengths at -120dBM.  

Q.  How do I know if I have a low battery?

  1. The battery voltage is displayed under the sensor tab.  The voltage should be 3.6V but the sensor will continue to work until approx. 3.5V.  The estimated life of the battery is 3 years. 

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