I Logged in but Cannot Sign a Form on the Tablet

The problem: The very first time when you log in to your account as an Admin and complete a form, you go to sign the form and your name is "greyed out" so you can't Save your form.

The reason this happens: A PIN has not been set up against the User.

Firstly don't worry the questions you have already answered are saved as you go, so the quickest way around this is:

  1. Swipe away/close the app on your mobile device
  2. In the Safe Food Pro web browser admin console, go to the Staff Page and find the your "User" name in the list of Staff. Click the pencil to edit and go down to the PIN field and type a 4 digit PIN. Save the record.
  3. Back on the phone/tablet click again on the Form you were trying to Save to open it - your previous answers should be there - now when you sign it off you should be able to enter your PIN.

In the Dashboard on the web you can then see the form you have completed.

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