Monitor Pro - Quick Start Guide


Wireless Hub MP-WH1

1.     The Wireless Hub needs to connect to your Internet router. Make sure you place the Wireless Hub in an area free from obstructions as these can interfere with the signal.

2.     Connect the power supply (supplied) to the Wireless Hub. The power supply light should glow ‘Red’

3.     Connect the Wireless Hub to your internet router (using the LAN cable supplied). Note: In the event of signal interference, you may need to use a longer LAN cable to make sure your Wireless Hub is mounted in an area free of obstructions.

4.     Once the LAN cable is connected the light next to the LAN input should glow ‘Red’

5.     The Wireless Hub comes with a wall bracket. We suggest you only mount the wall bracket once you are happy with the signal from the sensor(s).

Temperature Sensor MP-TS1

1.     Place the Sensor in a Fridge or Freezer.

2.     Take note of the Sensor ID. This can be found below the barcode on the side of the sensor.

3.     Choose an area back from the door and to one side.

4.     If the fridge/freezer is densely packed, you will need to mount the Sensor nearer the front so that the signal is not unduly affected.

5.     You can attach the Sensor with the sticky pad (supplied). Note: You need to clean and dry the surface first. You could also attach the sensor to a ‘rack’ using some small ‘zip ties’.

6.       For ‘Walk-In’ chillers. Mount the Sensor away from the door and high up, so the signal is not being blocked by stock on shelves. Use the same attachment method as described above.

Safe Food Pro Setup

1.     In the Safe Food Pro Admin Console (, choose ‘Equipment’ from the ‘Menu’

2.     Click the ‘Edit’ icon (pencil) on the fridge/freezer you have added the sensor to.

3.     Scroll down the Wireless Monitoring section.

4.     Select the Sensor ID that corresponds to this piece of equipment.

5.     ‘Click’ the ‘Sensor Active’ checkbox.
Note: In the event of a sensor failure you can turn this ‘off’ and return to manual monitoring while the sensor is being repaired.

6.     Enter email addresses of people you want to be alerted when the temperature goes outside of the set range.

7.     Out of range duration. Set this to 20 mins.

Trouble Shooting

I am not getting any temperature readings.

1.     Check your hub is connected to your Internet Router. Do you have 2 ‘Red’ lights on?

2.     Your network may have a firewall. In this case, you need to get your network administrator to allow outbound access through your firewall on port 3000.

3.     Your Wireless Hub may be too far away from your sensors or the signal is being obstructed. In this case, move your Wireless hub closer to your sensors. This may require a longer LAN cable.

4.     Individual sensors can be checked by removing them from the fridge and placing them near to the wireless hub. You should see them reappear on your graph within an hour. If the sensor does not reappear, please contact and we will arrange a replacement.

5.      If you have multiple sensors which have all disappeared from your graph, the problem is more likely to be related to the hub rather than the individual sensors. Please check that it is still plugged in, with both red lights showing.  If this is true, please reboot the hub by disconnecting the power and then reconnecting it. If your sensors do not reappear after an hour, please contact

I am getting intermittent temperature readings

1.       The sensor signal may be obstructed by items in the fridge or freezer. Try moving the sensor closer to the door or your Wireless hub closer to your sensors. 

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