Resetting your Password

Instructions to help you reset your password that you use to login to Safe Food Pro

Resetting your Password: 

The same steps apply for resetting your password for either Administration Console or Tablet! You can reset your password at the login screen on the App or Administration Console by clicking Forgot Password then: 

  1. Ensure your email address is correct, click on 'Reset'
  2. Check your email account for an email from 'Customer Support' (
  3. Click on the link in the email to reset your password.
  4. Clicking the link will open a form in your Web Browser where you can enter a new password.
  5. Once you have created a new password then return to the login screen and use that password to login.

Note: The reset password link in the email is only valid for 2 hours, if not used in the 2 hours you will have to request another email.

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