Using Screen Nudges

Encourage and remind staff using screen 'nudges' on your Mobile/Tablet

You can now customise the screen nudges shown below your Diary Checklist on your Mobile/Tablet. By default the screen nudges are set to reminders based upon MPI's 5 Food Safety Factors. These are displayed at the bottom of the Diary Checklist on your Safe Food Pro Tablet/Phone App and rotate between the nudges as you use the application.

You can customise the text displayed to suit your own business: 

  1. Login to your Administration Console 
  2. Click 'My Business'
  3. Go to the bottom of the 'Organisation Detail' page 

  4. Click the 'X' next to a screen nudge you want to replace
  5. You can then add a new nudge and enter, click 'SAVE' 

  6. You can then see your new nudge on the 'Diary Checklist' on your Mobile/Tablet App

Note: If you delete all your nudges, this will reset them back to the Safe Food Pro default nudges.

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