Completing Forms Offline

If you are out of range or don't have an Internet connection you can still complete forms in the Safe Food Pro Tablet/Mobile App

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No need to worry, if your Wifi drops out or mobile data stops you can still complete your Food Safety forms. 

Note: If your app has gone into offline mode and you have offline completed forms, don't sign out of the app or restart your tablet. This will lose the forms that are stored offline on your App. 

Am I Online or Offline? 

The best place to see if you are online or offline is to check the icon in the top right corner of the app. 

  • Online | White Wifi logo 
  • Offline | Red Triangle
  • Offline with Completed Offline Forms | Red Triangle with a number next to it. The number represents the number of forms that are currently stored offline on your app that hasn't been sent to the Admin Console

How to take my Mobile or Tablet back online

Depending on your device, there are a couple of factors that can come into place. The best things to check are: 

  • Wifi is turned on, on your device 
  • Wifi is turned on and working in your building 
  • If you use Data not wifi, check your data is turned on e.g. 3G, 4G or 5G 
  • Check you haven't run out of data, if you have a limit 

Uploading Locally Stored Forms from Saved Forms 

You can also upload your Completed Forms from the Saved Forms Tab on the App. To do this:

  • On the Diary page you'll see there are some forms (4 in this case) offline to be uploaded
  • Go to the 'Saved Forms' page by clicking on the 3 line "hamburger" menu, you'll see each of the offline forms (indicated with the cloud with a line through it symbol) 

  • Ensure you now have a wifi connection and then swipe the form you want to upload to the left.  An upload button will appear like this

  • Click the button, form will try and upload.  If it is successful, the cloud symbol will be gone. If not there will be a message shown (failed to upload or similar).
    No cloud icons will be visible in the Saved Forms list when all forms have been uploaded and back at the Diary page there will be no number left beside the wifi icon.

Note: It is best to start uploading the newest completed offline form first. Still stuck? Contact before trying anything further. We'll be able to help from here.

How to upload Offline forms when the Wifi returns

Your app has come back online but you have forms that were completed offline? These should upload automatically when you come back into range. If they don't, you can simply click the red triangle or wifi icon to upload the forms to your Admin Console.

Note: Offline Mode is only available in the Safe Food Pro mobile App. Form completion is the only feature available for offline mode; if you want to add staff or view resources or older completed forms you will need to find a connection. 

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