Setting up your Monitor Pro Temperature Sensor

Your Food Control Plan just got that much easier to manage! By integrating Monitor Pro with Safe Food Pro you can say goodbye to daily temperature checks.

What is Monitor Pro? 

Monitor Pro provides you with temperature sensors and hubs (RD-05s) that are integrated into Safe Food Pro. These sensors monitor your Fridge or Freezer's temperature, which are then displayed on your dashboard in your Safe Food Pro administration console. 

Note: MonitorPro works its best when it's set up with as clear line of sight to your Fridges as possible e.g. big steel walls, hub's hidden around corners or upstairs away from sensors. 



  1. Plug the Hub into the power-pack supplied, the red light on the right should turn on as well as the green light below. 
  2. Connect to a spare port on the Shop Router (or network switch or LAN outlet), the red light on the left should turn on. When all three lights are showing it is ready to go. 
  3. Place the sensors next to the Hub - this is to test that the sensors are working and the connection is strong before any barriers are added. 
  4. All done! Simple as that!

Note: There is no standard rule, but most buildings will allow for a sensor to be over 100m away. One hub can service many sensors (up to 100!), so long as they are in range. 


 Connecting to Safe Food Pro: 

Once you have finished the installation, you'll need to allocate the Sensor to a piece of equipment (Fridge/Freezer) in Safe Food Pro. 

  1. Log in to Administration Console (Web)
  2. Go to Equipment 
  3. Here you can either add your Sensor to an already existing fridge/freezer by clicking the 'pencil' icon OR you can click the green 'plus' icon to add a new fridge/freezer
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the form where it says Monitor Pro
  5. Click the "Sensor ID", then select the ID that matches your Sensor from the drop-down list. Each Sensor has it's own Sensor ID.


  6. Click the Sensor Active box to indicate that the Sensor is active
  7. Add email addresses for anyone who wants to be notified when the sensor continuously records temperatures outside the configured Warning Range for longer than the "Out of Range Duration"
  8. Edit the "Out of Range Duration" to your preferred time 
  9. Click Save
  10. The Fridge/Freezer using the Monitor Pro Sensor will then be marked with a 'sensor' icon on the Equipment Page 


Note: The Fridge/Freezer "Equipment Serial Number/ID" is optional and not related to the Sensor ID.


 Monitoring Fridge Temperatures:

Once you've set up your sensors you can then check they are working from your Dashboard.

  1. Click Dashboard & scroll down - the sensor reading graph will show underneath your manual temperature reading graph. 
  2. Once you see all of your sensors working you can move them into your Fridge/Freezer. Keep an eye on them after to make sure they are all ok. 


You can also find your Monitor Pro reports on the reports page, if your temperature goes out of the warning range then it will be made into a 'Blue Note' and will be shown on the 'Exceptions (blue notes) Reports': 

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