Tailor your Food Control Plan in Safe Food Pro

Use Safe Food Pro to show how you tailor your Food Control Plan 

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Tailoring your Food Control Plan

Once you have created your Administrator account the wizard then guides you through a series of Yes/No questions about your food business. Your answers to these questions are used to setup your Food Control Plan. 

For example you are asked, "Do you cook poultry, minced meat and/or chicken livers?" and if you answer "Yes" then Safe Food Pro will automatically include a form in your digital Food Diary so that you can prove that your cooking method will kill bugs each time it is used. As another example, if you don't use the Sous Vide method then Safe Food Pro will exclude that form from your daily/weekly Food Diary checks.

If you are unsure about any of the questions (or if you change your business processes during the year) you can come back to the Food Rules Wizard at a later time and answer these questions again to change the information that you gather for your Food Control Plan output.

Re-Run the Wizard

After signing into your account and looking at the forms you have been given you may realised you answered a question or two wrong in the Set Up Wizard. No stress here, you can simply re-run this as many times as you need. 

To re-run the wizard: 

  1. Go to Food Plan Details 
  2. Click Edit My Food Rules
  3. Go through the yes/no & multi-choice questions from there

Once you've gone through the wizard you can check your scope of operations are correct on the Organisation Details page and scroll down till you see Food Plan Questions Summary. 

Food Control Plan Summary 

Once you have completed the Wizard you can easily view a summary of your Food Control Plan by: 

  1. Signing in to your Administration Console on the Web 
  2. Click My Business
  3. Click Food Plan Details

We have colour coordinated the summary to match MPI's Simply Safe and Suitable layout. It also shows you what forms you have in your Safe Food Pro relating to their section in Simply Safe and Suitable. This can be a really helpful summary to show to your verifier when it comes to verification day

Gathering your Business Details

The wizard then collects information such as your business name, address, the name of your manager if you have one, and a few other details required by the Ministry for Primary Industries in your Food Control Plan.

You can change any of these details in the my business section on the Admin Console. This information will also show in your Verifier Summary Report, so it's best to make sure this information is correct. The information stored on this page includes: 

  • Business Details
  • Operator & Manager information 
  • Registration Information such as Council or MPI details

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