Release Notes for June 2018

Key enhancements, bug fixes for the latest release


  • You can now receive Email notifications when Temperature Notes and Action Required Notes are entered on the mobile. Go to My Business>Users and edit the user details. Select to receive notifications.
  • Additional operational details can now be added to the business details. These are the tick boxes from the FCP template. Business layout can be uploaded here.
  • The Signup Wizard has been streamlined.
  • A new "role" has been created for Tablet use only. If you want to use an email for the tablet only (no web access) then go to My Business>Users and edit Role. Choose the new option Tablet.
  • When a Staff Member 'Completes' a Resource it is now recorded as a Dashboard Activity.
  • Account details are now accessed from the top right hand side of your screen. "Click" on your "Name" to open the menu.


  • When a new user logs in to the tablet for the first time, they are asked to set up a "PIN" and create a "Signature".

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